Local Attractions > Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Ontario. The Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail has a unique outline against the Manitoulin skyline. Signs mark the trail through the woods up the dramatic edge of the escarpment to a grassy resting-place. There are 12 km of hiking trails through the hardwood bush, as well as 2 km of adventure trails. With such numerous paths to choose from, you can select the one best suited to the time you have available (from 15 minutes to 4 hours), and the degree of difficulty desired. The adventure trail, a 2-km option on the top of the escarpment, takes the avid hiker up and down sturdy ladders, up a natural rock chimney and along narrow ledges for a panoramic view of the North Channel of Lake Huron.

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