As a guest at Camp Mary Anne, you’re welcome to rent one of our boats.

At first you’ll think “I don’t need a boat. I’ve got a private dock and can swim around and will have plenty to do in the water.”

You’ll arrive and your eyes will always wander towards the horizon. You’ll keep wondering “What else is beyond this shore line?”

The itch will come and your basic human instincts of wanting to explore will kick in. You’ll want to see more.

We have two options for guests staying with us at Camp Mary Anne.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

We have two aluminum boats for rent for our guests: 14 and 16 foot boats. There are 15 and six horse power motors to use (which ever is available). We have plenty of different sized lifejackets for you. The rental includes a tank of gas and the safety kit (bailer etc.).

Be sure to bring your Ontario Boating License. We will only rent the boats to experienced boaters who have extensive knowledge of tiller operation including proper weight loading of the vessel. They will also need to have knowledge of how to navigate big water with shoals. Renters will be using our boats at their own risk. We will need to see it before we hand over the keys.

1 week: $275 + tax
1 day: $55 + tax


We have two basic kayaks and two inflatable kayaks for guest’s use. Please be sure to grab a lifejacket! We have many different sizes. They are available on a “first come, first serve” basis – no holds or reservations.

Cost: Free