The Property

           Camp Mary Anne does not permit pets on the premises, unless they are required for medical reasons.

           Camp Mary Anne has a no smoking policy with respect to all of the buildings.  It is discouraged elsewhere.

           We would ask that to avoid congestion with respect to vehicles, that those persons assigned to each of the cabins (and lofts) leave their vehicles beside the ones that each happen to be using.  That will free-up space near the amphitheatre and garage for vehicular movement.

           No more persons would ever be in a cabin or loft than the number on the reservation at any one time.  Anything beyond that, particularly with respect to the boathouse or loft, would cause concerns with respect to structural issues.

           Using the Amphitheatre for a specific event requires coordinated prearrangements.

           The water is tested and potable.

           The barbeques which are provided with each rental structure can be used and the propane is provided.  Usual care is required with respect to the operation of propane barbeques. If anyone is intending to use it and is unfamiliar, then we ask that they receive a briefing from the Property Manager.

           The cabins are on a septic system.  We ask that materials not be put into the toilet facilities that cause difficulty with the septic system.  The best practices are that there be no materials placed in the toilet.

           There are saunas in each of the lofts at the garage and at the boathouse.  The maximum number of persons in the sauna should be three. Limited water should be placed upon the rocks. Glasses and bottles should not be present in the sauna at any time.

           No materials should be put upon hot rocks, other than limited water and in no circumstances should any plastic item ever be permitted near the rocks.

           As you are aware, saunas have very high temperatures and extreme caution should be utilized to make sure that only responsible adults utilize the saunas, except when a responsible adult may be using it with their own child, or children.


         We reserve the right to adjust the prices at any given time.

Booking and your Stay

         Please be mindful of the other guests who are looking to escape to the peace of the wilderness. Please be aware and conscientious of the other guests with respects to loud noises, on the premises or the shared waterfront.

           If you wish to become involved in kayak use or boat rentals, they should make arrangements with the Property Manager, and you will be accommodated.  Boats and motors are provided, as well as boat safety equipment and life preservers, which should be worn. An Ontario boating license must be presented before we give you access to the motorized boats.

           We ask that you exercise proper measures to ensure that persons do not become intoxicated from any cause, so as to run the risk of harm to themselves, or others, or property.

           All guests are requested to wash the dishes before leaving.  Guests are requested not to mixup dishware and/or cutlery, and/or kitchen equipment, as among cabins. All guests are requested to pile dirty laundry in the location to be laundered.

           Check out time is 9:00 a.m., unless otherwise arranged.  Other arrangements can be secured through our Property Manager.

           Camp Mary Anne does have a laundry.  Any use of the laundry should be coordinated through the Property Manager and the laundry will not be available on the date of departure beyond 11:00 a.m.

           If there is any difficulty with any of the foregoing, including the request to utilize common sense in the use of property, the same as you would responsibly use your own property.

           Cancel up to 7 days before check in and get a 50% refund (minus service fees). Cancel within 7 days of your trip and the reservation is non-refundable.

          Service fees are refunded when cancellation happens before check in and within 48 hours of booking.